Spacious and comfortable Villas for up to 10 people in our Beach Village

To enjoy your holidays, or leisure with the family and enjoy great gastronomy. Perform your wedding, social or business events. We offer great lodging options, a panoramic event hall (ocean view) and a pleasant restaurant, all with a beautiful view of the paradisiacal Praia do Rosa.

Whale watching

EcoResort Vida Sol e Mar is the headquarters of Instituto Baleia Franca. By opting for the marine tours to observe these cetaceans you will be contributing to their defense and preservation, since 5% of the ticket is passed on to the Institute to fund research and scientific activities.


If your dream is to marry in Praia do Rosa with a beautiful view we will be happy to carry it out. Since 2006 we have been engaged in professional marriages and always taking into account the wishes of the bride and groom.

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